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Young Hearts
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Young Hearts for Life® (YH4L), under the guidance of Dr. Joseph C. Marek, is a cardiac screening program designed to identify high school and college students at risk for sudden cardiac death.


Sadly, we have all heard stories and read articles about teens, seemingly in peak athletic condition, who suddenly and shockingly have died during sports activities.


Sudden cardiac death (SCD) claims the lives of 60 young adults every week in the United States. (See more facts about SCD in young adults.)


The tragedy of these deaths for families and our communities is amplified when we realize how needless and preventable they are. One-third of these deaths may have been prevented through a simple, inexpensive heart screening.


ECG Screening

The YH4L screening consists of an electrocardiogram, ECG, and may include a screening echocardiogram, ECHO. Trained volunteers attach electrodes to the students’ chest and limbs in preparation for the ECG. A cardiologist interprets the results.


The ECG can help to detect potentially life threatening heart conditions such as Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy (HCM, the leading cause of death in young athletes), Long QT syndrome, Brugada syndrome, and ARVD.


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Our Mission

We firmly believe ECG screening of all physically active young persons, regardless of gender or sports affiliation is clinically justified, cost-effective and ethically compelling. There are some things you cannot place an economic value on and a child’s life is one of them.


Since 2006

Young Hearts for Life® in collaboration with high schools, hospitals, local businesses, families, and volunteers has provided free ECG screenings to over 90,000 students. Community support is essential to meet the increasing demand from schools to bring YH4L to more locations.


Ways to Give

We are sincerely grateful to the individuals and organizations who have generously supported the life saving efforts of the Young Hearts for Life® Screening Program.