Allison Bauer Memorial Fund

On February 10, 2010, we suddenly and unexpectedly lost Allison. Such a sudden loss was very hard and confusing for her friends and family. With no other causes being found, reports told us Allison died from a cardiac arrhythmia. In an effort to determine what exactly caused her sudden death, some of her blood has been a part of an ongoing research program at the Mayo Clinic. As science advances, it is our hope that we can find what caused her death so as to prevent it happening to others.

Allison lived her 25 years to the fullest. She was one of a kind. She was sweet, kind, forgiving, genuine and fun-loving. She was always someone that would go out of her way to help those around her. Allison was active in sports starting as a young girl. Softball, basketball, soccer, she tried it all. As a young adult, she became active coaching and passing on her love of basketball to the girls at her alma mater, Luther North High School. She also worked to teach young kids how to swim through her work at the Niles Park District. Being so young, Allison also loved spending time with her friends. From camping to concerts and just hanging, Allison loved making memories with her friends.

Since Allison’s death, her family and friends have worked to keep her memory alive through various activities and fundraisers. Al’s Angels was a softball team started in her honor. It was made up of her friends and family. Although winning wasn’t always in the cards, it was a fun way to honor her since everyone knew she would have loved to be a part of the team. Our annual All for Al event helps us raise money and awareness for the Allison Bauer Memorial Fund. All proceeds from the Allison Bauer Memorial Fund are directed to both Young Hearts for Life as well as the Sudden Arrhythmia Death Syndromes foundations. We hope that these funds will help these two organizations screen young people for undiagnosed heart conditions as well as research causes of sudden death.